Emozi® Grade 7 SEL Book Bundle: Family and Friendship

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Aligns with the Emozi® Middle School Curriculum!

The Emozi® Grade 7 Family and Friendship SEL Book Bundle includes ten hi-lo fiction and nonfiction titles* which align with Unit 1 of the Emozi® Grade 7 curriculum.

They make perfect additions to classroom libraries and reading aloud in class to stimulate group discussion around SEL-related themes—all at a discounted bundle price.

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About the Family and Friendship Collection

From Saddleback Educational Publishing. Hi-Lo books feature age-respectful and engaging content written at lower reading levels to include students who may be reading below grade level. This* book bundle includes:

Marlon has said something without thinking. Again. He is such a bigmouth. But this time, he's in trouble. He dissed Kevin Detroit's mother. Who does that? It doesn't matter that Kevin does it first. The guys were just kidding around like they always do. But now, the new kid wants to beat Marlon up after school. What can Marlon do? 1. Reason with Kevin. 2. Hideout in the nurse's office. 3. Get sent to the principal's office. 4. Pick a fake fight and get sent home. But none of those plans work out. Marlon is terrified. He is in no shape to fight. Fighting is wrong. Kevin is a big kid! What's going to happen? Marlon is resigned. He's ready for the after-school fight when something strange happens.

Gnarly Sports Injuries
Nonfiction. Who was Homer? What was the ball game? What does a skeleton do? Did Allan Ray's eye pop out? Have you ever been hurt playing sports?

Lucky Me
On her first day at a new school, Ana finds a surprise from her mom in her backpack. The good luck charm turns her whole day around. But the lucky object has a dark side too. Can Ana get rid of it before her luck runs out?

Don't Get Caught
Paris is worried that Max isn't really visiting his grandparents. She thinks he's dating another girl. Instead of asking Max her real question, Paris takes her cousin's advice and accepts a date with Blake. After all, if Max can date someone behind her back, why can't she? Besides, no one will know her at the Wayfield homecoming game... or will they?

Trust Me
Emma would do anything to help her best friend, Jordyn, win debate finals. But there's a problem, Jordyn is set to debate Emma's boyfriend, Darius, from rival Camden High. Emma learns of Camden's strategy while on a date. And she can't wait to tell Jordyn. After all, Darius didn't swear her to secrecy. Is it a matter of trust?

Extreme Survival
Nonfiction. Survival in extreme conditions is difficult. Still, there are many heroic tales of people who survive against all odds. These stories of extreme survival are gripping and inspiring. From professional outdoors people to young people in challenging situations, the will to live is strong inside us all. How would you survive an extreme event?

Connected Lives: Kane Brown/Sam Hunt
Connected Lives, a contemporary nonfiction series for teens, features the fascinating life stories of popular artists. Each book presents two singers in a similar musical genre who have lived extraordinary lives. As similar as these artists may seem, their rise to fame may have been very different.

The Gift
Zeke's parents have split up. His dad is hurt and angry when Zeke sides with his mother. But Zeke's emotions go on a crazy roller coaster ride when he's visited by a mysterious kid that only he can see ... until he finds out his grandpa can also see the ghost. Zeke's world is rocked in new ways when he finds out that he can see and talk to the dead.

Grand Slam
Brad's truth is that life is hard. He's different. Speaking does not come easily. And words get mixed up no matter how much he pays attention. When he meets Reese, he tries to hide his differences. Brad's a hot varsity tennis player. But will he lose Reese if he doesn't come clean?

The Forever Boy
Bruno had seen it all. Five foster homes in his short life. He hoped he could stay with the Browns. They were cool people. He knew he was too old at 10 to be adopted and find his forever family. But Eva and Martin were so nice since he had been beaten by a few foster parents. Plus, Martin was helping him with his baseball skills. Everything seemed to be going well until a stranger started lurking around the baseball field.

* Subject to availability; An out-of-stock book may be substituted with a similar title.