PATHS® Program Online Administrator Training

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Professional Development for School Leaders

Research shows that school leaders are vital to establishing a positive culture and climate in their schools and districts, retaining teachers and staff, and meeting students' social and emotional needs. We created the PATHS® Program Administrator Training to help educational leaders implement and support the PATHS® program in their schools. 

This three-hour online and on-demand training provides an overview of the program, strategies, supporting teachers and creating a culture of SEL in schools, planning for SEL, and the steps to implement the program with fidelity. 

What's Included 

Module 1: SEL and the PATHS® Program
  • Learn the importance of SEL and be introduced to the PATHS® program.  
Module 2: Routines and Strategies
  • Discover strategies to create and promote routines within your school or district.  
Module 3: Budget and Financial Plan for SEL Success
  • Plan for and support SEL on your campus financially. 
Module 4: Implementation and Evaluation
  • Master how to implement and evaluate SEL instruction on your campus.

Access to online training is dependent on the receipt of all the participants names and email addresses. A customer success manager will reach out to you or your SEL coordinator for a list of participants within 24-48 hours of purchase.