PATHS® Program Preschool/Kindergarten Classroom Implementation Package

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Now includes Online Training—A $150 value! Two 3-hour self-paced and interactive online training modules ("Introduction" and "Follow-up") that provide the information and support each instructor needs to implement the PATHS® program easily and effectively in their classroom.

The PATHS® Preschool/Kindergarten Classroom Implementation Package Includes:

  • Registration for 1 instructor to PATHS® Program Online Training
  • Preschool/Kindergarten Curriculum Manual, containing the complete set of fully-scripted lessons
  • 5 large, read-aloud Storybooks: Twiggle Learns to Do Turtle, Twiggle Makes Friends, Twiggle's Special Day, Tamara Feels Worried, and The Hidden Toy 
  • 4 plush Puppets: Twiggle the Turtle, Duke the Dog, Daphne the Duck, and Henrietta the Hedgehog*
  • 'Feeling Faces' Cards (classroom set providing 25 copies each of 19 cards)
  • 'How to do Turtle' Poster
  • 'What do friends do?' Poster
  • 'Feelings' Poster
  • 'PATHS® Kid for Today' Poster
  • PATHS® Kid For Today Stickers (set of 200)
  • Turtle Stickers (set of 500)
  • Send-home Coloring Storybook 'Time To Do Turtle—Carlos And The Birthday Robot' (classroom set of 25)

Online Access To:

  • Instructor support materials, including lesson-specific resources and extension activities, optional lessons, supplemental book lists, and more!
  • Send-home parent/caregiver letters, information sheets and home activities in English and Spanish
  • Introductory 'Instructor's Manual'
  • Counselor/administrator support materials, including a Building Awareness manual, Lesson Index, Lesson Tracking Sheet and program evaluation kit.

    *Actual puppet designs may vary. Subject to availability.

    Item #502945 (replaces PATHS® Classroom Module #502045)