Black History Month YA Socratic Seminar

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Enhance your students' critical thinking skills with the Valentines Day Elementary Socratic Seminar. This engaging and interactive seminar encourages meaningful discussion and fosters a deeper understanding of love, caring for others, compassion, and empathy while promoting collaboration and analytical thinking. Perfect for elementary students.

Whats Included:

  • Socratic Seminar, The Ultimate Teaching Guide
    • A 30 page guide with instructions, tips, printables, and more!
  • Book list specific to either a Theme and/or Grade level
  • Socratic Seminar Questions, related to the books in the list
  • Questions are organized by SEL competencies 
    • includes a “why” each question is important/ how it connects to each competency.

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A Guide to Teaching SEL Through Literature digital download is included with your purchase and will be emailed upon shipping.