Counselor's Component Set

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A special set of components to assist a school counselor or other staff member in managing their school's PATHS® program implementation. 

3-piece set includes the following components:

"Building Awareness With Staff, Students and Parents" Manual

This easy-reading manual contains everything needed to build schoolwide awareness of the PATHS program and its concepts among school staff, students, and parents. It includes talking points and handouts on the following key topics:

    • social and emotional learning (SEL)
    • the "Turtle Technique"
    • "Feeling Faces" Cards
    • the "Control Signals" and "Problem Solving" model

Lesson Index

Easy-to-use index lists lessons by grade level and topic, helping to identify lessons that can be used to reinforce key concepts to meet the needs of students in a Tier 2 or Tier 3 setting.

Lesson Tracking Sheet

Helps a counselor or visiting instructor stay organized by keeping track of which lessons have been taught and to which students or classrooms.